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A big Rock and a Hard Place

Life can suck. Bills are due. You situation seems to be getting worse. You are exhausted. You've given as much in this life thing as you think you can give and nothing seems to be expanding positively. Our future candidates to lead this country are garbage, you have dreams, yet do not know how to make them happen with all the other ordeals in your life, time is passing, people are dying, some others you see are living (the life you imagined for yourself) and there's this inner voice chiming in your soul telling you that there's so much more to your being and purpose on this planet. Yet you're paying bills and seem to be continuously sinking; and if not sinking, not elevating and/or operating at the potential you KNOW you posses.

When in that position, which I have been in for months; you have to take the time to yourself. You breath, you access, and re-evaluate. Moving to Los Angeles alone and figuring out this industry entirely has literally excelled me 5 years of wisdom in a year. I have learned quite a bit, made some great friends, lost some, talked to some millionaires, and been with some individuals at their lowest in addition to being at a low point myself. This city will do that to you. However, I know these life experiences aren't limited to just big cities where you are swimming in constant hustle and competition. It's just life. However, understand and come to terms with your place in your life at the moment and make a decision to push that rock. The strength you possess to change your situation is greater that you can imagine. Many of us believe in God but do not understand the power of Him that lives within us. God is all around us, in our homes, in the trees, at Chipotle, sitting in our car while we listen to that shameful trap music, and He is apart of who we are, He is our very makeup. You think you do not posses the power to MOVE that rock by tapping into the source of your strength?! If only people knew the power of human will and faith. It's indestructible and surpasses defeat. You have it. You ARE it! Embody exactly what you want to be and construct a plan to get yourself out of this position. Write it down, plaster it to your wall, and write down another copy to put into your personal Bible. If you are not a believer in Christ, plaster it somewhere where you can see this plan everyday... Like your mirror. Adopt this plan into your life as something you ponder over and care for daily. 

Do NOT focus on how impossible the plan seems. Plans can scare us. Especially when our dreams are big and our time frame for success can span into years and years of hard work. But keep steady. Make small goals for the month. The small goals has been keeping me going. The big goals would drive me crazy... They're so big and seem like light years away with so much effort; it'll make you tired before you've even started. However small goals will keep you determined. They'll make you proud and slowly put you closer to THAT goal. Let's say you need 10k to execute your plans/goals... Figure out how to put away just $75 a week to go towards whatever you are trying to accomplish and start obtaining those things slowly. Reach out to people for encouragement, direction, and even building relationships can supply you with the things you already needed. PEOPLE WILL HELP! But put those things into the world, the universe, and/or take them to God. 

Focus, human will, and faith will open the doors for miracles to fall. You'd be surprised and what God does for those who work for what they want and keep Him first. I believe in miracles. I believe in people being discovered randomly and blessings falling from no where. Why? Because it has happened to me and I know the power. Work ethic can move that rock. It's a slow move, but when you can finally breath?! The glory!

Remember, the rock has not crushed you into the wall, you are still breathing, you are still alive, you have not suffocated, and you have the power to push
. You are still here, which means you have a purpose. Move the rock baby!

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