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A Foul Smell

It’s hard discovering that foul smell. You ever experienced having a clogged sink drain? The smell that’ll make the most beautiful face frown to ugly appearance. You slightly stick your hand in the drain, you got utensils to fiddle with the sink and move the food build up, the smell is horrifying and all you want is a pleasant smelling kitchen and a not-so-smelly drain.                  There are a lot of things clogging our passageways. We smell it, we know it, we are unhappy with certain areas (big or trivial) of our life and we are blindly trying to unclog a dark and congested drain. Pay attention to your dissatisfaction. Discovering inner purpose is never easy. Many times because we can be selfish people. We want to simply make more money, we want to impress others with our talents and accomplishments, and we want people to admire us and speak highly of us. It’s okay. We all want these things, however, none of these should drive your discovery for truth, guidance, and purpose. Purpose is how you plan to change the world around you and positively (or negatively, whatever floats your boat) impact this earth with whatever God has blessed you with naturally. It doesn’t require thinking, it doesn’t require unwanted effort, it’s a gift…                  What’s interesting is, it’s not as easy to come by as we may think. So many of us roaming this world have gifts we haven’t even tapped into at the slightest bit. We are more creative that we believe. We are smarter than we know. We are stronger than we can even imagine. Human will is amazing. However, I do not believe we can tap into the innate strength that makes up human will without a relationship with God. Some will argue me. I, PimpfriedRice, do not and will not care. The human is strong, dedicated, intelligent, emotional, and a divine design. However, when your inner will to decide that you WILL be great, you WILL ignite change in this world, and you WILL have a better life kicks into gear; GOODNESS! It’s an energy; a cosmic combustion of an unexplainable force that can move mountains and change temperatures.                  Tapping into that takes prayer, dedication, meditation, fundamental understanding of who you are and where you want to go, and letting go of self. I am learning to let go of self. To focus on discovering and using my talents to better the world around me. Y’all know how it go… Your talents will always make room for you. Sit alone and do some thinking. Have a serious conversation with God. Some of us get scared of His answers and direction, yet He NEVER steers you wrong. Search deep within yourself and decide you will be great and ask God to show you where to go. Be prepared for a grand answer…Cause when you dive into His word, seek His Kingdom, and speak powerful words of self-encouragement and knowledge… He always has the funny way of answering…I challenge you to sit alone and think about why you were born. What change, big or small, you can make on this world. Wouldn’t it be awesome to make it to the gates of heaven and hear God say,’ Man, you did your job on earth wonderfully! Well done!”Peace and blessings.

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