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#FlashBackFriday "Get Set... It's ALLLLL THAT!"

Can you say the reign of the 90's?! In Living Color for the pre-teen of the closing century. A mix of great comical writing launching the career of  a few iconic comedians at a young age, Keenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Nick Cannon, and Amanda Bynes. In addition to comical writing without the perverse jokes, cussing, and content way too adult for the viewer. This was when consumers and the general audience didn't have an online platform to be so sensitive. When all we wanted was to laugh and enjoy the thirty minutes. This was the day when up and coming artists and groups such at Blacque, Brittany Spears, N*Sync, and and many others hit the stage and was able to do real live shows for an audience that would actually encourage their parents to purchase their albums. It's so hard to believe this was almost 2 decades ago! Ya'll remember Lori Beth Denburg tho!!! Check out the Inconvenience store skit below. 

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