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For the Single Ladies on Valentines Day :)

So here it comes. –rolls eyes- Valentine’s Day... the day of showcasing LOVE! (something that should ideally be showcased everyday, but hey... we aren't here to be bitter or judge, because that's what people want to label single woman anyway... we are supportive through the capitalist driven contradiction)Well, here’s the thing. It’s all gucci in the hood hunnies! It’s just a day and that’s it. Many people like to call it single awareness day, however, I believe it should be looked at as single appreciation day for the stunning and most virtuous woman. SO WHAT if you’re single?! You damn sure ain’t getting cheated on and being made to look stupid out here. So what if you won’t be receiving flowers at work and don’t wanna go through the slight depressing hassle of sending yourself some to the office… it’s OKAY! Being single on Valentine’s day can be a darn enjoyable experience if you make it that. Focus on the positives as with anything in life and moreover let it be a day to uplift yourself and your fierce womanhood. Hit up your single girlfriends (if there's any left) tonight and go get some seafood and drinks. Don’t do oysters! (Oysters are an aphrodisiac and unsafely paired with alcohol will have you hitting up your ex who is currently on a date with his new unfortunate boo who has yet to realize his ways…Remember! You feel sorry for that hoe and yall aren't together for a reason!! No oysters bih!!!)Wake up extra early on the the Fabulous Fourteenth, put on some upbeat chick empowerment music (Rihanna or Beyonce… whatever the type of lady you are) do some Youtube research on some cute Valentine’s day looks, play with some red lipstick, make sure your hair is on point, put on that smell good that make a man’s nose hairs curl in excitement, put on a figure-hugging subtle sexy dress (that classy sexy, the kind of sexy that drives men to boldly daydream about what you could possibly look like naked), pair with some comfortable heels then put the hoe heels in your bag and prepare to conquer the day. You are looking good for YOURSELF! You walk boldly and confidently on Valentine’s day. You have a divine love for yourself. You are in love with you and it’s a beautiful feeling! Let that feeling of confidence and love reign radiantly as you stampede through campus, the office, the workplace, Target, the gas station, the bank, or wherever you are blessing your presence. You look good, you smell good, you are fearless, you are beautiful, your value surpasses rubies and gold, and your WORTH?....Not even the wealthiest man can afford. You are celebrating yourself!Plan how you want to go out early. Be ferocious in your decisions. It's Valentine's day.  Maybe go on a Tinder date, take yourself shopping and blow a little money on yourself. One amazing thing to do is getting a manicure or getting a message. Messages are of course great for relaxation and that calming time will allow you to free your mind. You can enjoy that moment and lather in the peace of solitude, joy, and happiness. When the day is winding down and maybe plans haven't been made; hit up your single girlfriends, and if you don’t have any, safely roll solo-dolo. There are equally just as many single, quality men as there are single, quality women; contrary to popular belief… they actually out there. Take an Uber, sit at the bar, and have a good time! Look up karaoke spots, bars, or lounges where single people typically hang in your area. (Guaranteed there will be a #SingleNight somewhere for Valentine’s Day if you live in a medium to large sized city) Treat yourself to some food, drinks and be merry baby!!! You’d be surprised at the amount of men who will want to purchase you drinks, start conversation, and stroke your goddess ego just because you are in great spirits, enjoying yourself, and embracing your beauty and the day. It’s about the magnitude of your aura that will instantaneously attract people.When the night is closing and if you chose to go home alone, then spoil yourself when you get to the crib. Put on some lingerie and take some sexy selfies with some refreshed makeup... just because. (Or to have in your phone in the event you meet a man lol) Run some bubble bath water, light some candles or incents, pour some sweet wine (If you aint drunk already) then play a happy playlist… nothing having to do with love, but something that just calms you, puts you in good spirits, and makes you feel emotionally uplifted. Give yourself a pedicure, give yourself a nice facial scrub, and finally end the night chatting with a girlfriend or watching a movie.You CAN enjoy Valentine’s day as a single woman. It’s actually quite liberating if you do it the proper way. Self love is always the best love. Taking care of self is the only essential way to make sure you can be healthy enough to take care of others. Enjoy the time alone, enjoy the time to self-reflect and grow, enjoy not having to deal with the occasional complications that come with men, and enjoy the freedom to be the woman you want to be without boundaries or compromise. Sometimes, us women, dwell on being single because we see our friends in happy relationships, we see the pictures of everyone else happiness, and we get to the winter holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day in which your singleness seems to be as visible as the head lights on a 2018 Benz speeding down a pitch-black, forest highway at midnight. The cold temperatures don't help neither. However, embracement and self-celebration brings forth a magnetic energy that will attract the RIGHT person to you. Many people post the highlights of their lives and relationships on social media, so all those lovey-dovey Valentine’s day posts are also paired with the lows the seemingly “perfect couple” goes through. It just isn’t advertised. Furthermore, you ain’t getting cheated on!...and that’s all that matters! P.S. If he trying to spend Valentine’s Day with you on Friday or has suggested a “Valentine’s weekend”… you AIN’T the one darlin! Sorry to tell you. No! He aint have to work and he wasn’t helping his mama. #ISSALIE

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