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He fine. Sex good.... but can he feed your soul?

What I refuse to allow in my life is a man that only has surface level attributes to add to my life. I'm saddened by the amount of women who claim to be spiritually focused but will spend years involved with someone who is, without a doubt, the wrong person because he offered things that were ultimately of no value. Many lose themselves in relationships because they want a man so bad. They want to feel loved, cuddle with someone at night, and have someone there as a partner, confidant, and shoulder. It's a nice thought, a beautiful image, yet so painfully difficult to find. So difficult, we (women) will force feed that image on our current situation/relationship, when what we have is simply not the case and not the result of a divine partnership.

Yeah, he fine. Yeah, he tall. Yeah, he got a job, a lil money, and might even talk a good game to get you think he's some type of intellect. He may be the BEST lover you've ever had... But realize... If that man is not feeding your soul and not guiding you spiritually, he cannot be a man you can be with for the rest of your life. Many readers of my blog are in their mid-twenties. With that being said, at that age, the idea of marriage comes into question and as our peers are jumping the brooms and as we scroll through the pictures of other peoples' happiness on our timelines, we start to wonder. Wondering ourselves into slowly sacrificing for that image. 

A lot people are marrying the wrong people everyday. Men often times suffer with stepping out in a relationship. However, I believe that any man that is designed specifically for you will not have that spirit within him to step out on you and cover it up. He will not mistreat you. He will not belittle you. He will not judge your past. But he will elevate you to be the force he NEEDS to support him as he guides you and your family.

A man must be able to guide me spiritually.  He must be the head in an energetic positive reinforcement to contribute to our balance. It's not something I am willing to compromise or sacrifice. That is the foundational quality I need and desire. I desire someone that is so familiar with and bound to my spirit that he can almost sense something is wrong and/or that I am troubled without even being in my presence. (Yes, it's possible. Human energy is real) And vice versa. He needs to be in tact spiritually, for himself and for his woman. 

Understand that hard times in relationships and marriages come. Sometimes financially, many times, emotionally. However, if that man can take me by the hand and guide me spiritually to a solution, into prayer, and into an understanding as best as he possibly can, then that's what matters the most to me. How can he feed and take care of my soul?

See, a man that cares about your being, your spirit, your existence and presence in his world will do everything in his power to take care of your soul. He will make sure your foundation in God is secure, that your spirit is on fire, and that you are walking meekly and virtuously as a woman of God. Y'all better leave these loony toons with just some money, a club plug, a car, a gucci flip flop, and some Google-researched pick-up lines alone. They probably ain't for you!

Ask God to send you that man that's going to take care of every layer of you. That's going to, with stern and caring energy, force you to pray even when you're angry, menstrual, and just wanna slap a hoe. That man is out there. He is designed specifically for you. He was created for your care. That's the one you cater to and uplift with every ounce of your spirit. He will not let you fall. He will hold your family together, tightly bonded in the spirit of God and he will walk boldly in the word of Christ as an example for his household. THAT'S the man you cook for, clean for, and dedicate yourself to. Not these big-headed boys some of y'all be calling boyfriend and "bae".

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