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Loving God and Chasing Hollywood

Here we go... another God post... You darn right!! What's been different about my personal pursuit for my career and my spiritual balance is, I am a true free spirit at heart. I enjoying making people laugh, I love to drink, I'm pretty vulgar, yet conservative.... Basically the whole dynamic of who I am is a combination of subtle feminine class, the projection of Gods grace; and hot mess. People judge me regularly because of what I post, how I dress, and the unplanned things that come out my mouth. You'd have to truly know me to understand the seriousness of my servitude. 
I am who I am.  I am constantly changing and adjusting as I gain a better understanding of His word. I don't really care to argue the scripture specifics in all that I do that is apart of me, because the good book don't lie and my lifestyle wouldn't match indubitably. However, anyone that knows me, know I have a devout love for God. I talk to Him formally in prayer; and sometimes I talk to Him like the homie. Obviously He knows when to shut me up and get me in check, and I let Him.

Ultimately, my faith has been the reason I'm still kicking and pushing towards my dreams and goals. It's been the reason that doors have swung open and the reason why certain ones that were shut, turned out to be in my favor. He has kept me, protected me, my discernment has been strengthened, and it's because of my pursuits in this city, that I know His love never fails. It took me coming to Hollywood and having definite character strengthening experiences, (that's me sugar coating it... basically dealing with some BULLshiiiiiiiiiii left and right) to realize that He don't fail His believers and His power is LIMITLESS. As in, He's not just some big man in the sky with a white, sheet-like toga on pointing at everything giving it Holy directions. 
His power is distributed through His children. God is Love and His power lives in all of us and it's endless. We, as people on this earth looking to live in our purpose, harbor His divine nature and energies. He equips all of us. He is our resource and His love is a forever flowing river. When we are filled with His love, we ARE full. It's an empowering feeling. Better than A Beyoncé album. 🐝🐝🐝 :)  
People get on my case regularly for pursuing a career in entertainment yet displaying my
love for God. (I guess they ain't meant to go together huh ???) Entertainment and Christianity just doesn't go hand in hand... How dare you want to be in movies, television shows, host a show and have a platform that brings people closer to Him?!

Here's the thing, the entertainment industry IS dark in some aspects in reference to the partying and the doors that are open to certain people who lack the talent and resilience, whom are willing to do any and everything for fame. Is that really the fault of "Hollywood" or is that the individual's fault? Hollywood simply gives people whatever they looking for and willing to put out there. (serious question tho)

It's not just the faces in Hollywood. There are thousands of people in small town, middle America doing crazy things in the hopes of going viral and finding some internet fame. People who aren't in hollywood exploit themselves all the time via the internet.

Acting, modeling, writing, directing, music producing, and the like are all art forms that allows the individual to express themselves without limits. (Contrasting argument: Hollywood DOES have its boundaries but that's a much deeper conversation) Hollywood is a hub for successful artists.

Now, when it comes to the lifestyle of those artists, many fall to the left when it comes to their beliefs and values. They may not value sex the way some others do, they may not believe in marriage BECAUSE of the demands of the being a successful artist with a following. It's a complicated life in this industry, nonetheless, you live the life you choose. Networking never has to consist of partying in the hills while snorting coke off the table and capping the night with an orgy. It happens, but that ain't most people come up out here. There's a lot of actors in this little, big town who've done countless commercials, huge budget movies, and been apart of major shows and projects that's earned them a great deal of money. Those actors love God, are active members in their church/community, humanitarians, husband and wives, they've worked incredibly hard, and they live and thrive in Hollywood. 

It's levels to it.

The reality is, someone has to instill that light in an industry that's been marked as dark and evil due to its attribute of profiting off the brain washing of the masses via entertainment and media influence. It's tough. Fact remains, prayer and Gods grace is powerful. When I tap into it... MAN! He's with me in every audition room, class, and as I make passive income to pay these bills. His power that I withhold keeps snakes away from me. I'm not easily influenced by the heavy drug life, the men promising a connect in exchange for sexual favors, and the crowds of people smiling in your face ONLY because you MAY know someone who can put them on. My discernment is at an all time high.

Furthermore, I've been cradled, strengthened, and shielded in the midst of my pursuit.

The journey in Hollywood while also chasing God and His love is an incredible one. It's amazing the people He will put into your life that are like minded and desiring of His love and word. Those people are everywhere out here. Your circle is vitally important. Energy is even more important. When you give off that energy of love, servitude, humility, and precious grace in every aspect of how you carry yourself; others are drawn to that light. Los Angeles hardens people. (sad to say it's hardened me to the point where I know I prob won't be able to get married unless it's Gods divine plan for me)

If you can keep that innocence of pure love floating in your being somewhere, you'll be able to do wonders in this city that gets a bad name for being sinful. Yes. There are druggies, scam artists, money chasers, greedy, and fraudulent spirits running rampant in this industry; but there are just as many graceful, humble, and meek individuals who've accomplished a great deal in their career, and are simply looking to live in Gods word and remain that beacon of hope and light for Hollywood. And that's my daily prayer.
To always remain firm in who I am and to walk boldly with God, loving and living in me, that repels all negative energy and evil spirits.

It's real out here. Stakes are high, rent is expensive, and the opportunity to compromise yourself rests, patiently waiting on you, at every corner. But your foundation is solid in Christ. Your house is built in the relationship you develop and nourish daily with your Creator and every house needs electricity for energy and LIGHT. God is the plug. #ItsLIT #YallCatchThat 

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