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Loving Unconditionally - A Lifestyle

Loving unconditionally isn't easy... we speak about it, we make it a goal, however (for those of us who aren't married and have children)... do we really get there? That's what I'm slowly starting to learn... to love others in spite of. In spite of what they've done, in spite of how I've been treated, in spite of certain circumstances. Now when I say love others, I mean act out of love. If someone is rude to you, respond with kindness. If someone "tries" you... don't immediately rely on personal attacks and character insults.
We reside in the age of glorified pettiness that allows all the world to riddle, laugh, and make entertainment at the demise of someone else whether accurate or untrue because of how information spreads. Everyone is not meant to be "outed". All your personal battles with individuals in your life aren't trophies to be won in front of others. I've always been taught to be weary of someone that gets into it with EVERYONE anyway.

Essentially, it really shouldn't be hard to love others and them love you if you love yourself and love your Creator?? Hmm... :)

When you nourish that positive energy within yourself to decide to practice the distribution of Gods love... all those negative people that mean you no good will fall out of your life quicker than you can start deleting numbers. True intentions will showcase itself.
Gods love and evil cannot and will not dwell together. Yes, this world operates on positive and negative energy. The same way we need the evil in this world to understand and appreciate the good. You'll never catch any negative entity on the end with the positive entities; they remain on one end and when mixed, they create a chaos. As long as you display a genuine love, concern, and desire to better environments around you daily, that energy will meet you half way. You will be approached and surrounded by others such as yourself, that have and execute that same desire and fire to showcase love in their walk through life. You'll meet people you never thought you'd meet. You will make a friend out of someone you couldn't imagine being friends with back in your petty days. Moreover, those people that genuinely love you, will hold you accountable for bettering yourself everyday. It's not easy loving people IN SPITE OF; there are so many days where I want to pop off out of frustration and betrayal, show them they got me ----ed up , and relay some sarcastic information to the ignorant.

Every battle ain't for you or myself to fight. Your energy is precious. Don't waste it unless it's going to positivity... and it don't take much to be positive. You literally drain yourself being negative. (Depression, stress, anxiety)

Now, I am NOT encouraging foolishness. Don't be a doormat because you're a person that distributes unconditional love. If someone is intentionally harming you, wronging you, looking to bring you down, and tear apart your peace, sanity, and spirit; that's someone that gotta go. You cut those ties in preservation of yourself. You do not retaliate... leave that God. You remove them from your life and pray for them. Now no matter what someone does to you, continue to speak life over them. When you speak life over others, you are speaking life over yourself as well indirectly. It never helps you to curse someone because of what they did to you. You speak LIFE regardless, but keep your sacred energy away from those who will even make an attempt to test you. Those aren't people who love you.

Encourage unconditional loving daily so that the outpouring of that energy becomes apart of who you are. You can start by complimenting the service of someone at Chipotle or at any place you go to. That encourages that person providing the great service to want to do better in addition to allowing them to see that someone notices and cares. It's a lot of people that exist in this world... but very few that care. Decide today that you'll put aside $5 to give to a homeless person today, regardless of what you think they'll do with the money. DECIDE to be a light in someone's day everyday... we can all do that in the smallest ways.

Now I know after reading this post, it sounds like I'm describing some super human care bear that goes around making the world a better place and it's unrealistic... but it's possible. There are people who thrive and run off of the light instilled in them through God's love and the execution of it and they are blessed beyond measures for it. Start small and work your way into it... deciding you're going to be a person of love, encouragement, and inspiration is no different than going vegan. It's a lifestyle decision. And if you aren't genuine and not in tuned with yourself... you will relapse to consuming the filth you desperately wanted to turn away from. Operate at your highest potential... at your best... Be Love. #RIPAaliyah #YallSeeHowIDidThat lol


Loving Unconditionally   

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