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F^QQ Your Trust Issues

Can I get real? Cause some of y’all stroll through the internet acting a little to tough for me? For one, we ALL love love. We all want someone to care for us, we want to look forward to talking to someone, we want to smile at a text message, we want that unexplainable feeling of rushing butterflies and moths swarming in our gut when we see a person our heart is growing to care for. No matter where you are in life, how much money you make, the trials you are going through, or how focus you may claim to be; YOU WANT TO BE LOVED. We are humans; made up entirely of nerves, water, systems, and emotions. In the Bible, Adam asked for a partner……Cause dude was lonely! It is okay to want to be loved. Yet, that is something this generation of millennials are having a problem with. Everybody has trust issues. Everybody is running a game, damaging each other, and balancing multiple partners.                  But the question is… Does that HAVE to be you? Do YOU have to fester in the arena of this nasty, new-aged dating game filled with the dysfunction of failing to understand each other and the beauty of genuine love in today’s time contributed by the internet, wrecked hearts, and people who fail to remove their eyes from their phones? ..No. That does not have to be you.                  I will admit, loving fully is incredibly hard when you are young. The general group of people in your age group are looking for a selfish encounter. Many relationships held by individuals in their twenties who are still growing and still evolving can be driven off of factors that include convenience and search for easy sex obtained by feeding sweet whispers and dreams soothing to the ear but ultimately, a lie. However, remove all those notions from your mind and picture the type of partner you desire. Close your eyes and visualize the individual of your dreams. (No, it cannot be Rihanna or Morris Chestnut) But picture someone that completes you fully. That supports you, loves you, cherishes your very presence, actually texts back, admires your characteristics, and indulges like cold water in a desert at your very being. Pray and put that into your universe and your world. Then love.                  Times are consistently changing and the world around us has no problem displaying the negatives of loving someone.Yet, discernment is vitally important. Ask God to strengthen that thing in you that is able to pick up on false vibrations that do not compliment your golden love. He will always show you who is true and who is not. I do believe in protecting your heart, however, I also believe that many people fall for individuals they were simply not meant to be with because that give up too much too soon and do not pay attention to the signs that are really just loud and clear. If an individual’s actions are not parallel to their words and/or if at any moment you happen to doubt that they GENUINELY care for you or have your best interest at heart, you should question them and remove yourself from that relation and equation on a romantic level. IMMEDIATELY.                  Your heart is too pure, too divine, and too powerful to even have the possibility of putting it in the wrong hands. When someone is not on the same page as you and you love yourself enough, as well opening your eyes instead of being obsessed with the outcome of someone’s POTENTIAL, you WILL see the signs of a faker; that man/woman that is undeserving of you and your love.                    However, always remember to love fully. Stop holding back. Open your heart. Open you eyes. Ask for wisdom in your love-giving. You will be surprised at how many will truly take care of your heart. Even if you are not meant to be with them forever, it will be an experience you will never regret. It’s okay to love with open arms. Love is euphoric experience trippier than 6 shots of Hennessy and LSD . Indulge in it. Take care of YOUR heart and take care of others.

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