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Most Of Us Don't Want it THAT Bad..

Everything of importance in this is life is a decision and a sacrifice. Most of us don't want "success" bad enough. YOU?....That person that wants to pray and speak things into existence, but has made zero daily changes to accomplish your goals, will be left with nothing more than a prayer and some hopes. Try again.

YOU? Yes you.... That's claiming it ain't the right time, you're too busy with work, you've got too many bills, and the money isn't flowing consistently for you to even start the process; yeah, you'll never start. You will never have enough money, enough free time, all the initial resources, and all the connections required to facilitate whatever it is you desire. So... Why not just START?!
YOU! Yes you!.....That one that's afraid that IF they DO start, it'll be a failure. They will do all this promotion, tell everyone about it, network, shake multiple hands, put their all into execution, and it'll fail. Well guess what??! Most successful entrepreneurs have failed at some point. Everyone has to start from somewhere. Some have to be knocked down incredibly low just to experience the set backs, learn from them, make notes of what does NOT work, and then rebuild wiser, better, stronger, and even more confident in their service,product, or talent than ever before.
The reality is... Most of y'all don't want it. There is an "it" for all of us and within all of us. However, most of us do not have that "it" and probably will never obtain it because many just can't handle and cope with the sacrifice. It was simply easier to take another route that would allow for steady income. It was easier to take a position to build the vision someone else had versus setting the foundation for our own because that entails responsibility and high risks. It made more "sense" to do XYZ versus chasing a goal or dream YOU had for YOURSELF.

God gives us vision. Each and every one of us. For some, it's simply to be an outstanding mother, volunteer at the local school and affect positive change at a community level. For the others, like the Beyonces, Warren Buffets, and Oprahs... the vision was on a grander scale and the impact is different in numbers, yet not in ultimate value. You?! Yes YOU... Can do it!!

When I drive past the homeless everyday, one thing I remember is how they HAVE a purpose. (No matter how low you are, as long as you're still here, you can still operate in your purpose and work towards that vision) However, somewhere along the way, they got lost. They risked it all, gave up, followed the wrong individual, and/or could not recuperate from a failure. They strayed too far away from the goal, the vision, God and/or everything else needed to keep them grounded. The results hurt substantially. God gives us all a vision and purpose, however He cannot force us to keep it and walk in it diligently; in the same way He can't force us to not sin. Free human will is a mutha. Stop thinking like a person just here to live and start thinking about WHY you were placed here to live.

God has given us so much. You owe it to Him to DO just what He put you here to do! 

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