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The Hand that Feeds You...

I was driving for uber in between being on set and doing auditions when living in LA. I gave a ride to a man that had a dog. The man smelled harsh and his dog was really dirty... looked like he was in desperate need for a spa day. I was hesitant. Anyone that has ever driven for uber knows the struggle of keeping clean seats when it’s so many people passing through your backseats and then having to deal with the harsh ratings of asshole passengers who knock 2 stars off your ratings because they find a crumb on the floor. As he and the dog walks up, he motions for me to roll the window down and says, “We aren’t the cleanest ma’am, but I have some wipes to wipe his paws off so your seats are clean. I spent my last on this uber, I hope it’s okay. I’ll keep him on my lap so he won’t touch nothing in your car!” The man really needed a ride and the dog was cute. I wouldn’t dare turn down a ride just because a customer isn’t as clean as others. (I was trying to make money so I wasn’t trying to turn down rides at all lol) Him and the dog got in the car and I handed them some extra baby wipes from my glove department. He was a very polite man. I did my typical customer service stuff complimenting the cuteness of the dog and asking how his day was. The ride was rather long... (LA traffic is something created by the angriest of demons. No love any where on them streets)To make a long story short, he tells me him and his dog Brewster, has been living in his car, I was ubering him to where he parks his car. He told me about his old life. How he had a spacious luxury apartment in Santa Monica paying 7 grand a month, multiple cars, businesses, a ton of friends and a beautiful fiancée that was apparently a model. (Pretty much every chick in LA lol) He then went into his gambling habits; how he lost everything in the midst of crazy investments, casinos, lavish spending to keep up with his friends, which also included an expensive cocaine habit. His voice got really soft and sad speaking of his downfalls. However, he said something that stuck with me. Something that changed the course of the ride and made me think of the indefinite power that lies in companionship and devotion. He told me his dog was the only remainder of his old life that meant him no harm, remained true, and still loved him. After his money was gone, his model fiancé left, his friends slowly stopped talking to him, and his family harshly judged him in the midst of his downfall, resulting in them giving up on him as well. He was evicted from his apartment after his investments fell through and his businesses left him in the red with what seemed like there was no recovery, he filled for bankruptcy, however still had no one to call to even give him cash when he couldn’t get food, his friends flaked on him when he decided he wanted to get a job, and when his bank account was in the negative, there was no one to call. In the midst of this all, he knew people were looking at him differently, but his dog remained true. When he was evicted from his apartment, his dog sat in the car and licked his tears away as he cried. His dog still looked at him like he was the king of the house…only now, he was the king of a vehicle possessing as many of his valuables as it could carry. His dog was still excited to see him everyday.My obsession for dogs lies far deeper than just their cuteness.  A dog’s love for its owner and the household it resides in is unmatchable. As long as you take care of your dog, it’s happy. The dog’s love isn’t conditional. Their dedication and knowing of you is based off human scent. Your natural human scent is forever and unique to that particular canine who’s dedicated its life to loving, appreciating, and protecting you. That’s where my love for dogs come from. That unconditional, passion they have for their owner. They can never get enough of you. They are never not happy to see you. You are the light of their world and regardless of if you’re attractive, have gained some weight, rich, poor, in sickness or health; whether times are good or bad, that dog loves you and is devoted to you. Your scent and connection with them is embedded into their memories and you are their world.Many people lack that. People are conditional in their love many times. It is easy to love when the circumstances are beneficial and peachy. It’s easy to love someone with money, someone that is attractive, someone who has an infectious personality, someone who is deemed successful. But can you love a person when they are depressed, unstable, seeking guidance; moreover, would you still be ecstatic to see that special someone if they’re in the hospital and not able to be physically “fun” for you? Can you love someone through the worse? You’d be surprised at how many of us can’t. At how many of us naturally repel other burdens because life is hard enough alone. That man was surrounded by the wrong people and was going to enter a life long commitment with a woman that essentially did not care about him. Remember those present when life wasn’t so peachy. Remember the love and protection a dog has for its owner and do your best to harbor that in expression to the people that matter around you. Be natural in love. Don’t overthink it. The fluidity of devotional love is rather simple at it’s core. You love what and who you love. Embrace that love and that person and then protect that love and that person.

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