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The Muse VS The Personality

I am so excited to be launching this blog! Anyone that knows me or follows me on social media is aware of just how vocal I am on certain issues pertaining to women's issues, urban pop culture, Beyonce, the single struggle, and the being a woman of color pursuing an unusual dream in America. For those that do not know, my dreams to be an internationally published and recognized model, host my own television show, in addition to having my own radio show, and developing myself as a personality, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, and just change the world by being a dope soul that can leave a smile upon this world. Modeling has, and will always be a passion of mine, but I think all adults know that as you get older, your dreams and aspirations further develop and you jump out of the limitation bath water. I want so much for myself and this world and I just want to share my thoughts, comedic views, and some cool content with everyone that comes into contact with my blog. I am not for the sensitive. (Well, it can be, you'll just get your feelings hurt) I am here to share something meaningful and funny with the world. Take it and laugh or take it and get butt hurt... Whichever YOU prefer.. All choices belong to the individual.  When one thinks of a model, we think of a divine and stentoriously loud beauty that is simply elegant without words. Well... I have words. Plenty of em. I am not politically correct and I express my emotions based on how I see the world and how I apply what I've taken from individual experiences... (which I have had alot of experiences) so.... you know. If something offends you.. Let's talk.... Like we respect each other. Candace Renee is the model, the elegant beauty, the soft touch. But Pimpfriedrice... she's the WOMAN. She's the energy, she's the comedian, she's the feminine force, she's the whitty jokester. Candace Renee is the gazelle; Pimpfriedrice is the cheetah.  People have seen the pictures... But most haven't seen the personality... Let's live life. Let's love God. Let's laugh. 

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