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Ways to Earn Money While Chasing Your Dreams full time

As the world progresses and the benefits of our capitalist nation trickles down to the average Joe, it's become much easier for individuals to walk away from their 9-5 and pursue whatever their hearts desire. It's happening now more than ever before. In the beginning of those pursuits, reasonably, making money to pay your bills is important. You want to invest in your career, but that rent, cell bill, and insurance continues its monthly delivery. In addition to food, miscellaneous expenses, and possibly gas if you have a vehicle. I've linked a YouTube video down below by actress, model, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and stunt professional Carrie Bernans. She's quite the hustler! Lots of great resources in that video for the entrepreneurial, artistic spirits. One thing I will mention is letting go of material things. While chasing your dreams, investing in yourself, and discovering what works for you financially, there may come a time where you have to decide the value you place in the material items you've possesed before. I always encourage people to look at the value of things around them, in their home, in their car, everywhere. There are thousands of dollars of items sitting around you that you can resale to gain the funds to start somewhere in your career investment whether that be a site, business cards, equipment, materials etc. Selling a couch, old clothes, old school books (good money in that) and/or pictures and decorations. It's doable, it's possible. The purpose is to simply START! Check out the YouTube video below if you need some guidance and very creative ideas. It's plenty of money to be made out there for the ones bold, dedicated, and hungry (figuratively and literally lol) enough to go get it. 5 Ways To Make Money While Chasing   

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