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Why I Decided to do reality television...

Anyone that follows me on social media knows it’s no secret that I moved from Memphis, TN to live in Los Angeles and worked in the entertainment industry for about a year and half prior to being apart of Floribama Shore. I had and still do have a promising career, so when I filled out the application and the opportunity presented itself continuously with every interview and and phone call from casting, I was ecstatic yet scared. I lost numerous friends who are working actors in Los Angeles because of my decision to do reality tv. There’s a level of respect many in the industry do not have for those who apparently take the “easy route” to a bigger platform. I was told by almost everyone not to do it. It was constant, “That’s career suicide”, “You know no one respects anyone from reality tv..”, “Uhhh, you sure you wanna do that?” I even had one young lady tell me she would blatantly act like she didn’t know me if I did the show. It was such a tough decision because it was an amazing opportunity and such a unique experience. How many people get to say they met some amazing people over the summer and got to party at a beautiful beach house and live an incredible worry-free summer, all the while being on television? Not many.I was more so attracted to the authenticity of my roommates and the casting experience. Despite what the entire world may believe, the show is entirely unscripted; the arguments and situations are real, and we were allowed to be ourselves entirely. I constantly questioned if I was suited for reality television. I know I’m talented in many areas, (writing, hosting, photography, eating pizza, chugging shots, etc) however, I never ever thought there was anything exceptionally special about me for someone to think I was suited enough for reality television. However, via the casting and interviewing process, they reassured me that I was picked for a reason and they loved me the way I was. There was no part of me that felt a need to be extra ratchet, be fake, or put myself out there like something I’m not. They always reassured me to be who I am entirely and that who I am is enough. There was never pressure to become something other than myself and that’s what attracted me most about the whole experience. We were all free to be who we were and if people judged that, then so be it, people gon judge you anyway.To say the least, I’m very happy with my decision. It’s been a blessing. I believe I represented myself and my family well in addition to being true to myself. The outpour of positive messages I have received about how I carried myself, how I represented the black woman well, really oven warmed my little heart. It’s tough. There are a lot of my fellow black women who do reality television that feel a need to react aggressively on television because in our community, we don’t take being “punked” lightly. Especially publicly. It’s always that next person claiming what I SHOULD have done about Kortni peeing in my bed and how I SHOULD have reacted. In reference to that, everything doesn’t require an aggressive reaction unless topped with blatant disrespect. I DO NOT tolerate disrespect. Kortni didn’t pee in my bed to be disrespectful, home girl was drunk. I think everyone that was a slight party animal at some point in their life has been in a similar position. I am 3.5 years older than Kortni with a seasoned liver as well, so I was able to over-look her actions because I knew she was blacked out drunk.I think everyone knows not to come to me with disrespect however. I can smell a weak individual on some BS a mile away. Those who are real and true know I am not one to be toyed with; and you don’t have to go around fighting people, starting drama and being aggressive to establish that energy. I carry myself the way I expect others to treat me in addition to treating  others entirely with respect. I make it my duty to admire and uplift genuine energy that means well in my space.  Furthermore, I truly enjoy the position I have in the Floribama Shore house and the relationship I have with my summer roommates. I enjoy being there to give advice, uplift a friend when necessary, restore confidence and encouragement wherever it is lacking in someone. I pray to consistently develop  and impact this world with a healing spirit. I want to touch others daily in ways that magnify them and push them to continuous growth and deposition of positivity in this world. The camera don’t lie. We are who we are, all of us in the Floribama house. Some may consider me irrelevant because I’m not fighting on the show or in the direct midst of the drama. That’s okay with me. Living the experience and going through the emotions of cohabitation with individuals from completely different backgrounds is something of a rollercoaster that grows you as a person and can either bring out the worse or the best in you. Simply put, I desire to be something positive in an era where there’s so much negative being admired and promoted. I want the experience to showcase who I am. Plus, there’s so much house drama, SOMEBODY gotta combat the craziness! I don’t think the Jesus candle was doing it for OUR house.Although I lost some industry friends and mentors in my decision, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I believe with consistent hard work, prayer, faith, good people around me, and the drive/will to succeed, I will be able to have a phenomenal  and thriving career outside of the wild summer vacations and fights. I look forward to spending this upcoming summer with my roommates. It’s gon be cray cray, but it’s gon be entertaining AFFFFFFF!!!! 20 episodes of who knows what!!! I don't even think MTV is ready. However, I've drinking a crap ton of water to realign the functions of my liver so I can destroy it again during filming. :) 

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