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Rose & Geranium Gel Mask


Rose & Geranium Gel Mask

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Lasts over 3 months with weekly usage. 

**We have since more than DOUBLED in size with our new custom packaging.**

A little goes exceptionally far with this mask! No more than a quarter size needed when smoothed over the face. Allow to sit

Geranium oil contains antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal properties that destroys germs and bacteria responsible for acne breakouts in addition to calming skim inflammation; while also normalizing hormonal functions and secretions, guarding against hormonal acne.

The geranium and organic rose petals are married together perfectly in this nightly regime formula. Geranium, aloe vera, and the rose petals are a combination that's simply nature's botox in a mask; leaving the skin youthful, tight, and toned. For the ultimate all natural skin restoration regime, pair with Yaaganix Rose & Hibiscus Daily Facial Creme after gel rinse.

Ingredients: 100% organic aloe, dried organically grown rose petals, essential oils of rose and geranium. 


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