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Yaaganix Products

Free Sanitizer!

We are in the middle of a very serious pandemic so maintaining health and disinfecting hands is vitally important. Yaaganix has formulated our own aloe vera based hand sanitizer that kills germs in addition to leaving the skin feeling amazing by combating dryness and the harshness of antiseptics. With orders of $40 or more, we will send you a free sanitizer with your order. Healthy skin and healthy bodies #All2020 

Yaaganix is a family run business committed to original all-organic products with Earth’s finest essential oils & ingredients; wholly extracted from luxurious plant-based materials, to properly moisturize, heal, & restore the skin. Mother Nature provides everything our body needs to heal & holistically balance your skin, in addition to preserving your inner & outer beauty, maintaining that youthful "natural glow" that so many of us desire, and promoting healthy skincare regimes that do not include mass production factory chemicals harmful to the skin overtime.  We have RELAUNCHED bigger and better than ever changing the all natural skincare industry standards with more powerful ingredients, NEW formulas/products, while all being hand made and packaged with tender care and love in each container. We promise, we love your natural skin more than you do and we believe every woman should feel or not. :) 

Sometimes that confidence is a process and we want to provide you the essentials to improve your skin and maintain thriving skin. Your skin's appeal should go beyond the surface.